About Us

Hi there let me tell you a bit about myself my our website and what I mean to achieve.

My name is Peter Watts and I have been involved in the electrical contracting industry for around  38 years.

To be very honest with you I pretty much lived my life only interested in myself and my family, I never really bothered about charity, community or helping others but that all changed when I met my beautiful partner some years ago.

Through her job as a dementia/alzheimer senior carer I saw a side to a person I had never seen before, compassion, empathy a real life caring person, and she changed my outlook totally about other people and indeed animals in need of help or care.

So after much thought I decided to set up www.helping-hands.org.uk, my way of hopefully getting the help lots of worthy causes need, whether its a school trying to raise funds for a new sensory room or a family needing to raise funds for an operation/specialized help for one of their own or just a general fund raiser for a local charity…we are there to help!

We do this by running paid competitions for amazing prizes, we make NO PROFITS from these competitions, ALL profits go to the worthy cause involved, we basically make the money needed to do all this from memberships.

We also run lots of other activities for our members benefit – click HERE to see the benefits of joining.

We are not a big national company working from expensive premises, its literally just me at my dining room table on my laptop trying to help others.